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TiVo Power Supply Replacements and Other TiVo Parts


Power supplies on this page have a 90-day warranty.

Installation is easy! You can preview the installation in the video lower on the page. Use it as a reference when you do your own installation.

Replacement Power Supplies for TiVoHD Series3 Model TCD652160 and TiVo HD XL Model TCD658000

Requires Torx T8 and T10 for installation.

Power Supply for TiVoHD and TiVoHD XL High Definition DVR
Replacement power supply. See below for professional installation options.
$149.99 after swap.
(You pay $249.99 now and we credit back $100 when you return your factory-installed Series3 power supply within 30 days. You pay return shipping.)
Model: SPWR-00011-000

TiVo TCD652160
TiVo TCD658000



Torx Tools

Torx T8 and T10

Torx T-8 and T-10 Tools
These are the two tools you'll need to be able to install this replacement power supply in your TiVo. If you don't already have the drivers, consider this pair. These aren't typically stocked in a local hardware store.




Replacement Fan for Series3 TiVo DVRs
This fan is a replacement fan for all Series3 TiVos, including the TCD648250B.

Includes Torx T-10 and T-15 L-keys.

Power Supply Installation

Installation of Power Supply
If you'd rather have us install your power supply, please add this service. After your order is placed, we'll contact you with shipping instructions. You are responsible for shipping charges to get your TiVo to us; shipping from us back to you is included in this price. $49.99



Power Supply Installation Video - Installation is easy!

YouTube Video of TiVo TCD652160 or TCD658000 Series3 TiVoHD Power Supply Installation





HD TiVos (Series3, Series4, Premiere, etc.)

Torx T8 screwdriver
Torx T10 screwdriver

1) Pull the plug on your TiVo and wait 5 minutes or so for it to discharge. Remove the four or five screws on the back of your TiVo, which hold the lid in place. Remove the one screw that holds the power supply (located immediately above where the power cord attaches to the TiVo), using a T8 screwdriver. Slide the lid back and up/off the TiVo.
2) Remove the cable that connects the power supply to the motherboard. This clips on, so push the clip and then pull straight out from the motherboard. Then remove the cable from the hard drive in your TiVo and also from the motherboard.
3 ) Using a T10 screwdriver, remove the screws that are holding the power supply to the case. There should be between 4-8 screws, depending on your power supply.
4 ) Simply push the power supply back a bit and then pull it out of the TiVo.
5) Reverse these steps to install the new power supply.

What if I have more questions?

First, check our WeaKnees.com TiVo FAQ. If you can't find the answer there, for the fastest response, email us at [email protected]. During business hours (9 AM to 5 PM Pacific) you may also call (888) WEAKNEES.


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