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Welcome to WeaKnees.com! We specialize in DVRs from TiVo, DirecTV, and many other manufacturers and DVR upgrade products and have been doing so since 2000. Our products have been featured in TIME Magazine, the New York Times, CBS News.com, the San Jose Mercury News, on TechTV, in Wired GadgetLab and in various other online and print media publications. See the entire list of our press coverage. For more information about our products and services, see our Company Information page.


TiVo Roamio OTA for antenna.
Save $70. $349.99 Now $279.99
Price INCLUDES "All In" (Lifetime) TiVo Subscription.
TiVo Roamio OTA Vox

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Replacement remote controls for any TiVo or DirecTV DVR.

• Have TiVo problems? We have a full TiVo repair department, and we can help.

TiVos with no fees now on sale for the lowest prices ever.

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Popular Products

TiVo Edge

Voice Control. Up to 6 Tuners.
Record up to 1500 HD Hours
4K/UHD Support.
Starting at $399.99

TiVo MoCA Bridge
TiVo MoCA Bridge Plus
Use Coax to wire a TiVo.
Or a TiVo Mini. Or a PC!
Actiontec ECB6200

HR54 Home Media Center HD DVR with 2TB

DIRECTV Genie (HR54)
Home Media Center HD DVR
Record up to 5 DIRECTV HD Channels at One Time!

Need a new Remote for your TiVo? We've got it!

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