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RF Remote Converter
Price: $49.99 - FREE SHIPPING

This device converts any TiVo or most other remotes (so long as it uses AA or AAA batteries)* into an RF remote. With this device installed, you can control your TiVo from 100+ feet away. NO LINE OF SIGHT NEEDED! One year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


RF Remote Converter

What does this RF Remote Converter include?

  • A transmitter sleeve, the exact size of a AA battery--used for remotes containing AA batteries. This transmitter replaces one of your batteries in your TiVo remote. This device converts the IR signals from your AA remote into RF signals and transmits them to the RF receiver.
  • A special battery and adapter, the exact size of a AAA battery. This is used for remotes that contain AAA batteries. (For AA remotes, the battery and adapter slides into the AA sleeve.)
  • Two rechargeable batteries--one for the transmitter; the other (spare) can be charged in the RF Receiver (see below)
  • RF Receiver. This devices plugs into the wall and sits near your TiVo. It has an antenna to receive the RF signals from your remote. The RF Receiver contains a built-in battery charger that can charge one or two rechargeable batteries at the same time.
  • IR control cable. This cable, much like the IR blaster cable included with TiVo units, plugs into the receiver and can be placed near the IR receiver in front of your TiVo. NOTE: One RF Remote Converter can control two devices if they are located close together, but you must purchase the special two-emitter IR blaster cable here.
  • A/C adapter, which powers the RF receiver.
TiVo Remote
"The Greatest Thing To Happen To The Remote Control Since Infrared"

... All that needs to be done is just install the RF transmitter in place of one of the AA batteries or AAA batteries inside your TiVo remote control, point the receiver or attach the bright eye emitter to the components you wish to control.

Like magic ... you now have converted your existing IR remote control to a state of the art Digital RF remote. Giving you the freedom to go from room-to-room and control your components up to 100 feet away. No direct line-of-sight is needed.

Have more than one remote you would like to use this with. No problem, add as many transmitters to as many remotes as you would like.

Unlike other remote control extenders, you don’t have to attach anything to the front of your remote or be limited to using your remote in only one room.

The RF transmitter utilizes state-of-the-art patented technology, works with virtually all remote controls, and contains its own battery--easily replaced and available anywhere.

NOTE: If you have more than one remote control for a single TiVo (for example, because you send the TiVo's video/audio from one TV to another and have remotes in two different rooms), we strongly recommend that you make all remotes RF remotes. To do so, you will need an RF transmitter for each additional remote. Additional transmitters are $29 and can be purchased on the remotes page.

*NOTE: RF Converter does NOT work with Harmony universal remote controls.

Also see our complete TiVo Remotes page.

RF Remote and Remote Accessories
TiVo RF Remote Converter
Turn any TiVo remote into an RF Remote! Control your TiVo from anywhere in the house! Includes special AA / AAA battery that converts virtually any AA or AAA battery remote into a long-range, extended remote. Also includes one-device IR blaster.
TiVo RF Transmitter
Requires RF Remote Converter (above). This is an extra transmitter for homes that have more than one remote controlling a single TiVo. Includes transmitter for AA and AAA batteries and a rechargeable battery. Not recommended for RF Remote Converters ordered before 7/31/04.

TiVo RF Rechargeable Battery
Requires RF Remote Converter and transmitter. Extra rechargeable battery for RF Remote converter. Requires silver transmitter with blue or red printing.

2 Head IR Blaster
Contains two IR emitters for controlling two devices.



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