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Find Your TiVo Model

Guidelines for finding your TiVo’s model number (or purchasing the proper kit even if you don’t know the model number):

  1. TiVo model numbers are located on the back of the TiVo, in a white or silver square area, together with the TiVo service number.
  2. If you have an original Philips Series1 standalone receiver (black TiVo without a built-in DirecTV), but do not know the precise model number, then any Philips standalone REPLACE kit will work with your TiVo.
  3. If you have an HDR112 or HDR212, you can ignore anything (such as BK01, 99, etc.) after the model number.
  4. If you have a Philips Series1 TiVo with DirecTV, you can ignore the R, R01 or any other number after “DSR6000.”
  5. If you have a Hughes GXCEBOT, you can ignore any variation on the model number. Hughes made only one version of the Series 1 TiVo with DirecTV. Do not confuse the GXCEBOT with the newer, Series 2 HDVR.
  6. If you have a TiVo-branded or AT&T-branded Series 2 Recorder:

    • 40-Hour Unit:
      The AT&T 40-hour unit with buttons on the front is the TCD130040. The AT&T unit without buttons (and without the AT&T logo) on the front is the TCD230040. The TiVo-branded 40-hour unit is the TCD240040, TCD24004A or TCD540040 (check the back of the unit to be sure). If you ordered a refurbished TCD240040 directly from TiVo (which might end in a "B"), then order a kit for the TCD24004A.
    • 60-Hour Unit:
      The TiVo-branded 60-hour unit is the TCD140060.
    • 80-Hour Unit:
      The TiVo-branded 80-hour unit is the TCD240080, TCD24008A or TCD540080 (check the back of the unit to be sure). If you ordered a refurbished TCD240080 directly from TiVo (which might end in a "B"), then order a kit for the TCD24008A. The TCD649080 is a dual-tuner standalone 80-hour unit.

    7. If you have a high definition TiVo DVR:

    30 (HD) Hour Unit:
    The TiVo Series3 that is THX-certified and has a digital readout on the front is the TCD648250. This unit shipped with a TiVo Glo remote.

    20 (HD) Hour Unit
    The TiVoHD comes with 20 hours of HD and has no LED digital display on the front. It came with a standard TiVo remote.

    150 (HD) Hour Unit
    The TiVoHD XL comes with 150 hours of HD and has no LED digital display on the front. It came with a TiVo Glo remote.

    By service number:

    TiVo Service Number (available in the System Information screen) Means This Manufacturer
    TiVo Series
    And one of these models
    (within each row, all are compatible for the upgrade)
    000 Philips
    1 (standalone)
    HDR112 – HDR612 (14, 20, 30, or 60 hours)
    001 Philips
    1 (DIRECTV)
    DSR6000, DSR6000r, DSR600r01
    002 Philips
    1 (standalone)
    HDR112 – HDR612 (14, 20, 30, or 60 hours)
    010 Sony
    1 (standalone)
    011 Sony
    1 (standalone)
    SAT T-60
    031 Hughes
    1 (standalone)
    101 Philips
    2 (DIRECTV)
    DSR7000, DSR7000R
    110 Sony
    2 (standalone)
    121 RCA
    2 (DIRECTV)
    130 TiVo (AT&T)
    2 (standalone)
    140 TiVo
    2 (standalone)
    151 Hughes
    2 (DIRECTV)
    230 TiVo (AT&T)
    2 (standalone)
    240 TiVo
    2 (standalone)
    TCD240040, TCD24004A, TCD240080, TCD24008A
    264 Toshiba
    2 (standalone)
    275 Pioneer
    2 (standalone)
    810H, 57H
    301 Philips
    2 (DIRECTV)
    DSR704, DSR708
    321 RCA
    2 (DIRECTV)
    DVR40; RCADVR80
    351 Hughes
    2 (DIRECTV)
    SD-DVR40, SD-DVR120
    357 Hughes/DIRECTV
    2 (DIRECTV)
    HR10-250 - First DIRECTV HD TiVo DVR
    381 Samsung
    2 (DIRECTV)
    SIR-S4040R; SIR-S4120R
    521 DIRECTV
    2 (DIRECTV)
    540 TiVo
    2 (standalone)
    TCD540040, TCD540080, TCD540140
    565 Toshiba
    2 (standalone)
    RS-TX20; RS-TX60
    590 Humax
    2 (standalone)
    T800; T2500
    595 Humax
    2 (standalone)
    627 DIRECTV
    THR22 - Second DIRECTV HD TiVo DVR
    648 TiVo
    3 (standalone)
    TCD648250 Series 3 Standalone High Definition DVR
    649 TiVo
    2 (standalone)
    TCD649080, TCD649180 Dual-Tuner standalone TiVo DVR
    652 TiVo
    3 (standalone)
    TCD652160 TiVoHD High Definition DVR
    658 TiVo
    3 (standalone)
    TCD658000 TiVoHD XL High Definition DVR
    746 TiVo
    4 (standalone)
    TCD746320 and TCD746500 TiVo Premiere Series4 HD DVR
    748 TiVo
    4 (standalone)
    TCD748000 TiVo Premiere XL Series4 HD DVR
    758 TiVo
    4 (standalone)
    TCD758250 TiVo Premiere Elite Series4 HD DVR
    840 TiVo
    5 - Roamio
    TCD840300 TiVo Roamio Pro
    846 TiVo
    5 - Roamio
    TCD846500 TiVo Roamio and TCD846510 and TCD846000 TiVo Roamio OTA
    848 TiVo
    5 - Roamio
    TCD848000 TiVo Roamio Plus
    849 TiVo
    6 - BOLT and BOLT VOX

    TCD849500 and TCD849000 TiVo BOLT
    TCD849300 TiVo BOLT Plus

    TCD849500v and TCD849000v TiVo BOLT VOX
    TCD849300v TiVo BOLT VOX 6 Tuner


    7- Edge (Cable)
    7- Edge (Angenna)

    TiVo Edge for Cable
    TiVo Edge for Antenna


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