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DirecTV HD TiVo HR10-250 - Refurbished from WeaKnees


All DIRECTV HD TiVo units are in stock and shipping.
These units can only record HD via the OTA port (over the air antenna). These units will NOT GET ANY HD CHANNELS FROM DIRECTV, but will get standard defintion channels.

Why choose the HR10-250?

  • You get OTA HD signals (this is the best quality signal available - better than cable or satellite)
  • You want an HDMI or component port on a DirecTV TiVo
  • You love TiVo and the TiVo Peanut Remote

What are the reasons not to get this TiVo?

  • This does not tune DirecTV's HD signals - only over-the-air HD signals. It will get DirecTV's SD signals
  • Not SWM or MRV compatible
  • For an HD DVR without TiVo that doesn't have these issues, see here
  • For a DIRECTV HD DVR with TiVo (but without MRV), see here
  • Looking for a non-HD DirecTV TiVo? See our SD DirecTV TiVo page

DirecTV HR10-250 HD TiVo DVR (MPEG2)

DIRECTV HR10-250 HD DVR with TiVo - Customize it the way you want it!
30 - 150 Hours of HD Recording Time; Six Months Parts and Labor warranty through weaKnees. Factory refurbished.

From $399 - FREE SHIPPING!


Includes new DirecTV Access Card and Power Cable
New Remote:

Remote Info
Cable Set:

Please note: DirecTV TiVos on this page are not compatible with a SWM signal. If you have a SWM or SWM ODU, please contact us.


  • WeaKnees will NOT accept returns on DIRECTV DVRs that have been activated with DIRECTV. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • If you are an existing DIRECTV subscriber, you CAN activate the receiver on your EXISTING account.
  • All warranty/returns/service for upgraded units (which is any unit that has more recording capacity than it had when it left the manufacturing facility) must be through Weaknees.com. Failure to contact Weaknees.com for service will result in a loss of all recording capacity that Weaknees.com added to the standard 70-hour unit. Warranty/service for unmodified units must be done through the manufacturer.
  • Additional Terms and Conditions.

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