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DIRECTV B Band Converter (BBC) Module SUP-2400



  • You are connecting a THR22, H24 or HR24 to a non-SWM system. One BBC required PER TUNER
  • You are connecting an HR20, HR21 or HR22 to a non-SWM system and you are missing the BBCs that were included with your DVR


  • You are using a SWM (single-wire multiswitch) system (SWM dish or SWM switch)
  • You are using an H23 or HR23 in any installation



DIRECTV B-Band Converter (SUP-2400)
B-Band Converter (SUP-2400) - ONE PER TUNER REQUIRED FOR H24s and HR24s that are not connected to SWM! Same as the ones that ship with HR20s, HR21s & HR22s - these are required for proper HD channel reception in non-SWM installations. Working pull.

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