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Single 10 TB Add TiVo Upgrade Kit for 849000

This TiVo Upgrade Kit applies to the following models:

TiVo Bolt 500 GB (TCD849500)
TiVo Bolt 1 TB (TCD849000)
TiVo Bolt Plus (TCD849300)

Single 10 TB Add TiVo Upgrade Kit for 849000
TiVo Upgrade Kit

What does this TiVo Upgrade Kit include?

  • One 10 TB Western Digital AV Line Hard Drive in a weaKnees External Drive Case
  • Printed, customized instructions for this upgrade for this model, with descriptive photos.
  • Expert Tech Support from WeaKnees via phone, email, and chat!

This Kit Requires Installation at weaKnees

For this drive to be properly configured to work with your TiVo, you must send your TiVo to weaKnees for our technicians to configure the two drives together. Assuming your current internal drive is working correctly, this will not result in data loss. The cost of the labor and return shipping is included in the price of this kit. We do not have a self-install or self-configuration option for this kit.

If you would like a self-install kit that includes an external drive, considering ordering an internal and external drive. This dual-drive kit can be self-installed, but unfortunately you will lose your contents and settings.

This kit adds this capacity to your TiVo:

TiVo Bolt 500 GB (TCD849500)<br>TiVo Bolt 1 TB (TCD849000)<br>TiVo Bolt Plus (TCD849300)

1500 HD

PC usage:

You DO NOT need a computer in any way for this TiVo upgrade kit - this drive is completely formatted for your TiVo here at WeaKnees - no further modification is necessary.

This Upgrade has NO effect on your TiVo All-in/Lifetime/Annual/Monthly Service

Your TiVo service is tied to your TiVo serial number, which is located in a chip on your motherboard. Changing TiVo drives does not in any way affect your TiVo service. So if you have lifetime service on your TiVo now, this upgrade (or repair, if that's the purpose of this drive kit) won't change anything - you'll still have lifetime after you install this kit.

What if I have more questions?

First, check our weaKnees.com TiVo FAQ. If you can't find the answer there, for the fastest response, email us at info@weaknees.com. You may also call 888-WEAKNEES.

Other upgrade options are available for this 849000:

The complete list of TiVo Upgrade Kits for 849000 is here.


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