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TiVo Replacement Remote Controls - Sony SAT-T60, SVR-2000 and SVR-3000

Remotes and Remote Accessories

NEW Standalone Sony Remote (SVR2000/SVR3000)
Brand new replacement remote for SVR-2000 and SVR-3000.
NOT compatible with SAT T-60.

Original Sony remotes are no longer available.

Out of Stock.


DIRECTV Universal Remote RC65RX
(not for the SVR2000/3000)

This is a DIRECTV universal remote that can be programmed to work with the Sony SAT T-60 DIRECTV TiVo.

To program this remote to work with your Sony:
-Set the "Mode Switch" to DIRECTV
-Press and hold the "Mute" button and the "Select" button until the visible LED blinks twice-
-Enter 00639

A few tips for using your new remote:

Click here for TiVo's page on setting your new remote to work with your TV.

Click here for TiVo's page on using two remotes (or more) with two TiVo DVRs (or more).

Click here for TiVo's page on using one remote with a DVR 1-2 switch with two TiVo DVRs.

What if I have more questions?

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