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Networking Options for Standalone TiVos

Series 2, 3 and 4 standalone TiVos can use a few types of networks to get internet access. With internet access, TiVos can get guide updates without a phone line. In addition, networked TiVos can do many other things:

  • View photos, music and videos from a Mac or PC (requires software on the computer)
  • Watch recordings from one TiVo on another (networking required on both TiVos)
  • Set the TiVo to record from any computer on the internet
  • Download content from the Internet and play through the TiVo

To make this work, you'll need a broadband internet connection in your home (usually cable, DSL, or Direcway) with a router, and adapters for each TiVo.


A router is the piece of hardware that will take an internet feed and allow it to be used by multiple components in your house. If you already share an internet connection with more than one computer, then you probably have a router.

There are three main groups of routers for this application: wireless routers, wired routers, and wireless/wired routers.

Device Adapters

The device adapter is the component that connects your computer or TiVo to the router, either via n ethernet cable or via wireless technology. All Series 2 standalone single-tuner TiVos have at least one USB port and therefore needs a USB-Ethernet adapter for wired connections, or a USB-Wireless adapter for wireless connections. All dual-tuner TiVos (standard and high def) have an Ethernet connection built-in, so you can hard-wire from the TiVo directly to the router (or use Powerline adapters for a hardwire connection without running additional wires) You'll need to network each TiVo if you want the TiVos to communicate. Please note: many newer computers have built-in adapters for wired ethernet, wireless, or both. These are usually compatible with the routers here.


If possible, the use of wired adapters and routers is preferable. They cost less and run faster. Their configuration is also easier. The only downside is that you must have or run cabling from the location of your DSL or cable modem (where you will most likely locate the router) to each TiVo.

Recommended products are listed below. We choose to recommend Netgear products over their main rival Linksys because of their superior technical support, but either will work fine, and the two are completely compatible with each other. All links take you to the product page at Amazon.com.

Netgear Part
Linksys Part
Wireless Router WGR614


Wired Router RP614NA (4 port) BEFSR41
Wired/Wireless Router
(most compatible)
MR814 WRT54G
Wired Adapter

Use weaKnees USB to Ethernet Adapter

Wireless Adapter Use TiVo-branded Wireless Adapter




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