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Sort your Now Playing list

WeaKnees.com TiVo Tip #2:
Managing your Now Playing List!

Anyone with a nice, long Now Playing list has spent some time digging around to find the shows they want to watch. With these undocumented features, you can navigate a bit more easily and find what you want faster.

For those with older Series 1 Standalone TiVos and DIRECTV TiVos, you do not have the benefit of sorting your Now Playing list in folders. Here's a tip for you!

Sort your Now Playing list!
(for DirecTV TiVos and Standalone Series 1 units - Series 2 Standalones have this enabled already)

This tip explains how to sort your Now Playing list three different ways: alphabetically, by expiration date, or by recording date. We vote for 'alphabetically' since that'll group together all episodes of series shows.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Go to your Now Playing List (generally, press TiVo or DirecTV twice)
  2. Now press these four buttons in this sequence:
  3. Slow - 0 (zero) - Record - Thumbs Up

  4. You should hear three dings - that's means it's ready!
  5. Now you can press 1, 2, or 3:

1 = Sort by Recording Date
2 = Sort by Expiration Date
3 = Sort Alphabetically

For everyone with a TiVo--here's a tip for you!

Jump to Beginning/End of your Now Playing list!
(For Series 2 standalone TiVos, and the HD HR10-250)

Most TiVo surfers know to use the Channel up/down button to scroll through the Now Playing list faster, but here's another trick to get fast access to the beginning or end of the list: the Skip-to-tick button. It'll pop you back and forth between the top and bottom of the list.

This is the button:


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