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TiVo HD Series 3 DVR - CableCARD - Upgraded to 2800 Hours

TiVo HD Series 3 DVR - CableCARD - Upgraded to 2800 SD / 292 HD Hours

2 Terabyte TiVo! The first drive is inside the TiVo. The second drive is located in an external case and requires a separate power connection. They function together as one data storage area seamlessly!


The Series 3 HD TiVo for cable is the world's only THX-certified digital video recorder. Designed for the home theater enthusiast, the Series3 has multiple inputs and outputs, these TiVos can record programming from many sources including digital and analog cable, and digital and analog over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts, including the highest quality HD over-the-air broadcasts. With two USB ports and built-in ethernet, these TiVos can be networked to a home network. Once networked, the TiVo can be programmed remotely (through TiVo's online scheduling website), can stream music and photos from any PC or Mac on the network, can use TiVoCast, etc.

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The High Definition Series 3 TiVo is the newest unit from TiVo. Now, cable and antenna users can have all the benefits of TiVo, dual-tuners, HD and expanded capacity in one unit! The Series 3 HD TiVo includes these features, and many more:

  • World's only DVR with THX® certification
  • Control live HDTV and record 2 digital cable shows at once2
  • Up to 2800 hours of standard recording time or up to 292 hours in HD1
  • Schedule recordings from anywhere from tivo.com
  • Advanced TiVo broadband features, including digital photos, internet radio, podcasts and more
  • NEW backlit, programmable TiVo remote, easy to configure to your TV

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Amazing breakthrough! Use your existing electrical wires to connect your DVR to your PC. Turbo-fast 85Mbps! Click here for more info.

1 terabyte Series3 TiVo

This 2800 SD / 292 HD Hour TiVo from WeaKnees.com comes complete with remote, cables, and manuals, a double WeaKnees warranty - six months parts and labor, and our technical support. Easily set up the unit with the included instructions and the rest happens on-screen!

Much more information about the different TiVo units is available in our TiVo buying guide.

TiVo HD Series 3 DVR - CableCARD - Upgraded to 2800 Hours

A few important notes:

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  • If you are looking for TiVo parts not listed here, email us; we have a lot of stuff.

Recording, Playback, and General TiVo DVR Features
Disc capacity:
(2) 1 TB SATA Drives (one internal, and one in an external case)
Recording formats:

High Definition - Up to 292 Hours

Standard Definition - 4 Quality Levels of Compression
Best Quality: 468 hours, 39 minute
High Quality: 692 hours, 30 minutes
Medium Quality: 1094 hours, 6 minutes
Basic Quality: 2777 hours, 47 minutes

Playback Options:
Slow motion, frame advance, and three faster speeds forward and backward. Seven second review button and programmable 30 second skip forward.
TiVo Recording Features:
Season Pass, WishList, TiVo Suggestions, Thumbs Ratings, etc.
TiVo Networking Features:
Online Scheduling, TiVoCast, MP3 Streaming, Picture Streaming, etc.
Integrated Satellite Receiver:
No. See DirecTV HD TiVos. This unit will not work with DirecTV or DISH Network feeds or set top boxes.
Audio Input / Output Features
Audio outputs:
1 composite stereo analog (left/right)
1 digital audio (optical)
1 HDMI (audio/video) (can convert to DVI)
Audio inputs:
1 Coaxial (audio/video for cable)
1 Coaxial (audio/video for analog/digital antenna)
Video Input / Output Features
Video outputs:
2 composite video
1 HDMI (audio/video) (can convert to DVI)
1 component video
1 S-video out
Video inputs:
1 coaxial (with audio, for cable)
1 coaxial (with audio, for analog/digital antenna)
Other Ports
  1 RJ-11 (phone)
2 USB 2.0 (can be used for WiFi networks)
1 Power
1 RJ-45 Ethernet (for wired networks)
1 eSATA (for future use)
Included Cables

1 Composite audio/video cable for standard definition and audio
1 RJ-11 Phone splitter
1 RJ-11 Phone cable
1 RG-6 coaxial audio and video cable
1 HDMI to HDMI cable for HD video and audio
1 AC power cable
1 Component video cable for HD video (no audio)
More cables available on our TiVo cables page

Other Features

Backlit, learning, 36-button black remote (infrared)
More information on remotes on our TiVo remotes page

16.5" w x 13.5" d x 3.375" h
• Digital cable (HD and SD) through CableCARD
• Analog cable (SD)
• ATSC terrestrial over-the-air digital (HD and SD)
Output Formats:
480i, 480p, 720p (HD), 1080i (HD)
For full functionality, the TiVo Series3 HD DVR requires 2 CableCARD decoders, available from your cable provider, to support dual channel digital cable recording. The Series3 HD box can also operate with a single CableCARD, but will be limited to accessing one digital cable channel at a time. You will need to call your cable provider to request CableCARD decoders. Depending on your cable company, CableCARDs may require a small monthly fee, ranging from free to $2 per month. More CableCARD info on our CableCARD page.


1 HD requires more storage space than content recorded at lower quality and will deplete your storage capacity at a faster rate.
2 Also compatible with analog cable and over-the-air digital HD (ATSC). Two CableCARD decoders required (available from your cable provider).

Please feel free to email us with any questions.


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