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TwinBreeze™ Upgrade Brackets TiVo Remote Controls and Accessories TiVo Cables and Specialty
Audio Video Cables

TwinBreeze and other upgrade brackets to hold secondary drives in TiVo DVRs that can take them.

Replacement remotes for ANY TiVo and remote accessories.

Monster THX cables, TiVo replacement cables (power cords, infrared blaster cables, serial control cables, etc.) and more.

External Modem Kits/Accessories Fans RF Remote Extenders

Is your TiVo's modem broken or are you using VoIP? Get a WeaKnees kit to make the connection.

Cool your TiVo with a new fan. Replacements for most models are in stock.

Control your TiVo (or TV, receiver, DVD) from anywhere in the house!

Power Supplies DIRECTV Parts &
Off-Air Antennas
TiVo Faceplates and Infrared Boards

WeaKnees has power supplies for virtually every TiVo DVR.

WeaKnees has a variety of parts for your DIRECTV system, including dishes and multiswitches.

Need a new faceplate or infrared board?
Want to give your TiVo a new look?
Want to add buttons to the front of a standalone TiVo? Here's what you need.

Networking Products Wireless Modems Replacement DVD
Burners for TiVo DVRs

Connect your Series 2 Standalone TiVo DVR to the Internet using a USB adapter or your existing electrical power lines!

Don't have a phone line near your TiVo? No problem!

Is your TiVo DVR no longer burning DVDs? We have replacement burners for most TiVo models.

Programmed DVR
Hard Drives
Bare / Blank DVR
Hard Drives
IDE To SATA Adapters

If you have a TiVo, ReplayTV, UltimateTV or other DVR listed here, then we have a pre-programmed hard drive that will replace a broken drive or just give you more space to record!

Looking for a hard drive specially made for a DVR, but you don't need us to program it for you? Look no further.





Want to use a SATA drive in your IDE TiVo? We've tested a ton, and these are the ones that are error-free in a TiVo!



What if I have more questions?

First, check our WeaKnees.com TiVo FAQ. If you can't find the answer there, for the fastest response, email us at info@weaknees.com. During business hours (9 AM to 5 PM Pacific) you may also call (888) WEAKNEES.

Please feel free to email us with any questions.


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Questions? Contact us! Call us at 888 - WEAKNEES (888 932-5633) or 310 842-4700 or send an email.

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