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DIRECTV C41 GENIE Mini Client for HR34/HR44

The C41 (and its predecessor, the C31) are client devices that only work with the DIRECTV HR44 Genie Home Media Center DVR and its predecessor, the DIRECTV HR34 Genie and the non-DVR H44.

These units, each called a "Genie Mini," brings most of the capabilities of the Genie (HR44/HR34/H44) to up to three other rooms in your house. And it's small. It can even be mounted behind your flat screen TV, so you'll never see it.

You can attach up to five C31s/C41s to your Genie, but only three can be used at any one time. So we recommend just having a maximum of three C31s/C41s attached. If you need to supply more TVs, we recommend the H25, which can use its own tuner.


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DIRECTV GENIE Mini (Home Media Center Client - C31/C41)


C31 Rear

  • Sees the recordings list from the linked Genie HR34/HR44
  • Can watch Genie recordings, or use a tuner in the Genie to watch (and pause) live TV
  • Requires a SWM network
  • Comes with an HDMI cable
  • Requires an additional cable for use with component video
  • Comes with an IR remote (C31) or an IR/RF remote (C41)
  • Optional RF remote available for C31 (RF antenna is built-in)
  • Small, light, and low-power
  • Can be mounted behind a flat-screen TV with an optional mounting bracket (coming soon)
DIRECTV C31/C41/C41W Client/Mini - High Definition DirecTV Client for use with HR34/HR44/H44

In Stock and Shipping!

DIRECTV C51 Genie Client
For use with HR34/HR44/H44 Genie systems only!
Includes IR/RF remote (RC7X) and power supply.
Full C51 DIRECTV Client Information

DIRECTV C41W Wireless Genie Client
For use with HR34/HR44/H44 Genie systems only! Requires DIRECTV Wireless Video Bridge.
Includes IR/RF remote (RC7x) and power supply.
More C41W DIRECTV Client Information

DIRECTV Universal Remote RC65RBX

Infrared and RF remote in one. Backlit! Works with ANY DirecTV receiver produced to date, including HD receivers and DirecTV DVRs (all brands and all models, including SAT T60). Also controls up to three other A/V devices (TVs, A/V receivers, etc.).
H20 and H25 non-DVR receivers require separate antenna for RF functions. (This remote's RF mode will not work with HR44 or C41.)

Click to Enlarge
DIRECTV Universal Remote RC71

Infrared and RF remote in one. Works with ANY DirecTV-brand receiver produced to date in IR mode, including HD receivers and DirecTV DVRs.
For RF mode, requires HR44, C41, or C41W.

Component Breakout Cable
For use with C31, C41, C41W or H25 only!
Allows for component video and stereo audio output via RCA jacks.

Composite Breakout Cable
For use with C31, C41, C41W or H25 only!
Allows for composite video and stereo audio output via RCA jacks.

DIRECTV-Approved Wall Mounting Bracket for C31/C41 Genie Mini
Designed specifically for the DIRECTV Genie C31 Client and C41 Genie Mini, this bracket allows the C31/C41 to be mounted on a wall. When used with an RF remote, the C31/C41 can be hidden from view and can be used without a line of sight.

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  • WeaKnees will not accept returns on any DIRECTV DVRs that have been activated with DIRECTV. No exceptions. HR20/HR21/HR22/HR24 DIRECTV DVRs cannot be returned or exchanged once activated.
  • All warranty/returns/service for upgraded units (which is any unit that has more recording capacity than it had when it left the manufacturing facility) must be through Weaknees.com. Failure to contact Weaknees.com for service will result in a loss of all recording capacity that Weaknees.com added to the standard 30-hour unit. Warranty/service for unmodified units must be done through the manufacturer.

Please feel free to email us with any questions.


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